GERMS Director of Operations

While studying at Georgetown University, Kevin Sullivan EMS worked as part of  the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS). In 2007 he ascended to the role of Director of Operations.

While with GERMS, Kevin Sullivan EMS had many duties as the Director of Operations. For instance, he:

  • directed day to day operations of EMS service for a campus with over 14,000 students
  • oversaw medical director and EMT-instructor contracts
  • supervised billing for patient transports
  • lead department directors and department operations
  • managed continuing education and certification requirements for membership
  • wrote and updated protocols and Standard Operating Procedures
  • created the organization’s promotions standardization and qualification process

Kevin Sullivan was not promoted to the role of Director of Operations overnight. Prior to that, he had answered the phone as “Kevin Sullivan, Georgetown EMS” the same way for two years. Every time the phone rang, it was someone calling for the GERMS Duty Officer and for two years, that Duty Officer was – almost continuously – Kevin Sullivan.

Working with GERMS was the formal start of the Kevin Sullivan EMS Leadership career, but it wasn’t an easy start. Before transferring to Georgetown, he had become an EMT and worked as a volunteer. As a junior at Georgetown University, he became a GERMS Executive, which made him one of the two people who lead the organization’s 100 members and related operations.

In this role Kevin Sullivan EMS worked to help transform the culture of GERMS. It was necessary for Kevin Sullivan EMS to change the culture because the social aspects had come to dominate the organization in a way that distracted from professional EMS obligations. Kevin Sullivan EMS believed that GERMS had an obligation to serve as an EMS service and was beginning to tarnish its reputation as a campus organization. As Director of Operations, Kevin Sullivan EMS realigned the organization and restored its reputation on campus and beyond.